4 Apps to boost your Revit productivity

We have selected four MEP Plugins for Revit that will help you realize your Revit projects faster. Design MEP systems up to 60%...

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What is a point cloud?

Are you working on a renovation project? Or do you want to inform a team about the as-built situation? Then a point cloud co...

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Free guide: The BIM Phrasebook

Get your free BIM Phrasebook today and find explanations of terms commonly used in BIM projects, such as the BIM execution plan...

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Maximum return on your investment in BIM

The BIM adoption in Europe is taking off. But how can you maximize this value and make the most of your investment in BIM?

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What the World Cup can teach you about BIM

Europe is leaving the rest of the world behind this year when it comes to football and when it comes to BIM. However, there ar...

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LOD, lod or loi? How to deal with it

In BIM projects, the LOD or Level of Development, is a term that can lead to some confusion. To avoid this, it is important...

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From design to maintenance: an optimal BIM workflow

It’s an increasingly common approach in building projects; Design, Build, Maintain & Operate. This means that, in addition...

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10 BIM trends in the installation sector in 2018

2018 promises to be an interesting year for BIM. New technologies will be introduced, trends from last year are now taking h...

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Improved construction process with minimum clashes and failure costs

Achieving an improved construction process with minimum clashes and failure costs. That was the goal of implementing BIM at ...

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