The role of manufacturers in the BIM process

Manufacturer about BIM: Spelsberg

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BIM brings manufacturer and MEP engineer together

Spelsberg has been a regular content manufacturer on MEPcontent.com for a number of years. During the BIM LIVE Experience in Boxtel, the Netherlands, Erwin Van Schooten, Managing Director at Spelsberg, explained how the role of the manufacturer has become increasingly important in the BIM process.

Spelsberg is a German manufacturer of plastic enclosures for the electro technical market and focused originally on German speaking countries. This is still an important market today, but exports now also play an important role.

Past and present
Erwin van Schooten, Managing Director at Spelsberg, explains how the role of the manufacturer has changed: "In the past, when the world was not yet digitalized, a MEP engineer had limited choice in different brands. He went to his wholesaler to buy his products. The wholesaler could only sell a limited number of brands. When an engineer had selected a wholesaler, this usually also determined his preference in brand and product.

Erwin van Schooten at the BIM LIVE Experience in Boxtel, the Netherlands 2017

Nowadays things are different, the MEP engineer is offered a lot of products from different brands and therefore a wide range of choice. However, he no longer has time to study all the product details of so many different brands; he simply wants to have a good product for the requested application. This creates a conflict: how does the engineer know which product is most suitable? Especially because he has no time to personally address, for example, 10 different suppliers of a type of product.

The solution to this problem lies in good communication of information. A representative still has a role to play in this, but the digital highway also offers many opportunities to engineers for making a choice. The more details of a product are available, the better the selection will be. BIM plays an important role in this and this role will only increase in the future.”

Data transfer
“When we look at where the manufacturer stands in the BIM process, there are still major steps to be taken," said Erwin Van Schooten, Managing Director at Spelsberg. “But how should we move forward? How do we get a step closer to the ultimate transfer of information?”

This is where MEPcontent comes in; the largest BIM library for MEP engineers, which offers up-to-date BIM content and productivity-enhancing Revit applications for the installation industry. On this platform, the manufacturer's products come together with the requirements of the engineer. Spelsberg is one of the hundreds of manufacturers that place their content on MEPcontent.com.


Spelsberg products on display on MEPcontent.com

Reduce failure costs
MEPcontent demands a lot from the manufacturers. All product specifications must be communicated so that they can be displayed on MEPcontent.com. Why does Spelsberg go through so much effort to get all product specifications right on MEP content and what does Spelsberg want to achieve with it? Erwin explains: "The purchase of a product is only part of the total cost of ownership. Spelsberg wants to deliver a product at the end of the cycle that fully meets the wishes of the user and a product that is fully appreciated by the MEP engineer.

Spelsberg is convinced that the quality of the product and the installation improves when there is an insight into the costs of the total cycle, for example with regard to ease of installation and service costs. The purchase price of a product can be higher, but due to a reduction in costs, the total installation price at the end of the cycle can be cheaper. Thanks to all the displayed up-to-date product specifications on MEPcontent you can really reduce your failure costs!”

Supply of information
MEPcontent assists Spelsberg in disseminating all the information they provide to a product. But it is important that the manufacturer continues to supply the information. Spelsberg is ahead of other manufacturers in this process. There is a lot of demand for actual content, but this is not yet matched by the amount of content supplied by manufacturers. In the future, MEPcontent wants to create an even better collaboration between the manufacturer and the MEP engineer, because there will be constant demand for new and improved content.

Would you like to know what MEPcontent can mean for you as a supplier/manufacturer? Read more on mepcontent.com.