New distributors

Giacomini distributor and products SANHA on MEPcontent

This month we welcome Giacomini and SANHA as new manufacturers on MEPcontent. Also there are new products of Legrand, Brink Climate Systems and Ferroli. There are updates and extensions of a few Product Lines in the categories of heating and ventilation.

Giacomini distribution manifold
Giacomini ranks among the world leaders for the production of components and systems for heating, cooling and domestic hot water distribution. In request of the MEPcontent community there is a Giacomini distribution manifold added to the portal. It regards the R551 from the Giacomini distributors series of profiled brass rod. The Revit family and 3D dwg of the types R551Y062 and R551Y063 are available for use in your MEP design.

New products

  • Brink Climate Systems   
  • Ferroli 3D DWGs
  • Giacomini distribution manifold
  • Hermans Techniek Nederland THERMA-TUBE Product Line and 3D DWGs
  • Legrand Mosaic movement sensor
  • SANHA NiroSan wall plates

Extensions and updates Product Lines

  • Aldes Terminal
  • Bergschenhoek
  • Henrad and Stelrad
  • Inatherm and Inatherm Air Terminals
  • Kennemer Spiralo