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Gain time with calculations

Stabicad 11 has been available since end April and we hope that you are already enjoying working with it. Stabicad 11 features lots of new and improved productivity tools and calculation functionality. Stabicad offers calculation functionality for Air, Sprinkler, Heating, Drinking water, Gas and Sewer. All pipe systems in a building can therefore be integrated in the BIM model, calculated and/or monitored. This is always based on local and/or European standards and norms.

Version 11.03 enables you to perform calculations up to 6 times faster than before. Are you already working with the calculation modules? Request the latest version and benefit from the time savings. Not using our calculation modules yet? Then contact us and we will inform you about the possibilities.

More productive engineering with Stabicad 11

Engineers that perform integrated pipe system calculations benefit from a short productive workflow without errors, because data exchange with an external calculation program is no longer necessary. This is the development of Stabicad 11 focused on calculation functionality and expanding standards. For example, air leakage calculation (in accordance with ISSO 17, 2010) has been added to the air duct calculation and, when performing sewer calculations (in accordance with EN 12056 2000, DTU 60.11 2013, DIN EN12056 2000 / DIN 1986-11 2016), you can now link several appliances to a general point in one go and, for instance, manually override the algorithm that normally determines the pipe type.

Dimensioning and controlling calculation

Dimensioning calculation is used during the model design phase to determine the required diameters. This is done using calculation parameters, such as the flow rate or the maximum permissible speed in the duct. It is possible to fix dimensions of specific elements if projects do not allow or facilitate modifying the existing situation.

Pressure losses can also be easily calculated using a controlling calculation. The entire system pressure, pressure losses per duct and adjustment pressures are presented in a clear calculation overview as well a report.

Calculation data and Revit model interaction

The calculation overview can communicate directly with the BIM model. You can see which sections in the overview are placed in the model. It is also possible to change dimensions in this overview without the model updating automatically. This enables you to check the results easily and quickly calculate alternative systems by continuing to model with the preferred situation.