Collaborate successfully in a BIM workflow


Recesses: collaborate successfully in a BIM workflow

Are you up-to-date with what your building partners are doing? Recesses in structural elements for technical installations lend themselves perfectly for optimizing your BIM workflow.

Generating recesses always involves two parties: the engineer and the architect or constructive party. While each party is responsible for its own aspect model, they also share a common interest in coordinating recesses in walls and floors correctly.

Previously, we wrote about the 4 steps that engineers take to incorporate recesses efficiently in their BIM workflow. In the video below, you’ll see how you can easily generate and process recesses requests:




Actual construction

These types of tools illustrate the added value of BIM. BIM has become more than just sharing models and information. Now, the information from one partner can be used directly to authorize and process changes in the model of another. This way, partners are coming to constructive solutions together, even before the actual construction has started.