Combine the functionalities of Revit and Excel

Stabiplan Export and import Excel app

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Stabiplan Export and import Excel app

Revit and Excel: two programs you probably use every day. Unfortunately, the programs do not always function well together, so you often have to enter all kinds of data manually. This is no longer necessary. Did you now that you can know exchange information between Revit and Excel in a brand new way?

Wissel Revit- en Excel data uit via een handige Revit app

Combine the functionalities of Revit and Excel with the powerful Stabiplan Export and Import Excel app. Download the Revit plugin to export data to an Excel file, add or edit information and import data into your Revit project again, without any hassle. All Revit categories are supported by the app. You can export both MEP and structural elements, as well as views and sheets.

Schedules to Excel
The app is also ideal for exporting schedules to Excel. You can either export a schedule including the schedule layout or export the elements only. When you decide the latter, you can easily edit the parameters for the separate elements in Excel, before importing them back in Excel.

Why is this interesting for MEP engineers? The app saves you a great amount of time because you can enrich and update your model with Excel data. You can also export the data to Excel for sharing it with partners without a Revit license. In this way, you always have the right information available at the right place.

Free trial
Download the Export and Import Excel app at store.mepcontent.com and try it for free. The app works perfectly in combination with Stabicad for Revit.