Electrical Schematics for Revit

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Webinar Electrical Schematics for Revit on Tuesday Feb 13th - BIM Insights Session

February 13th is the next date that you should be saving in your calendar if you are a passionate MEP engineer or BIM specialist. During our half an hour webinar, starting at 15:00 PM, we will be discussing the topic: Electrical Schematics for Revit.

With a special offer for those who attend the webinar.

And it is more than just a topic, during this webinar a new app will be shown, the Stabiplan Electrical Schematics app.

The Stabiplan Electrical Schematics app will enable you to create a schematic for all your Revit systems. Simply choose the panel of your Revit system and a comprehensive schematic of it will be generated, containing information about the (sub) panels and all connected elements.

Benefits when using the app.
• Quickly and effectively create schematics for your Revit electrical systems by choosing one or more panels.
• The schematic will display detailed information for your (sub) panels and its connected elements• Support for all Revit electrical systems.
• The panel and its connected elements are mapped to the correct project levels
• Detailed information about the connected elements will be displayed, for example: family name, space name and space number.

Save the date: Feb. 13th, 15:00-15:30 PM CET. Sign up for the webinar here.