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Autorouting for Engineers

BIM development is reaching increasingly more businesses and provides opportunities for both advisors and installers. Modeling with the right BIM tools significantly increases your productivity. Stabicad Autorouting is the new way to efficiently and accurately model and calculate MEP engineering models.

Modeling more efficiently
MEP systems such as ducts, pipes, and cable ducts can be drawn with Autorouting. Specific and unspecified systems become dynamic with Stabicad Autorouting. This means that when you adjust a system's dimensions, its specific properties, such as article numbers, are also automatically adjusted. In addition, the installation company can set routing preferences that allow associated fittings to be inserted automatically. Also, models can be automatically re-dimensioned when making integrated calculations. Autorouting is ideal for quickly setting up and calculating a system during the design stage.

Stabicad Autorouting
The very first word that comes to Tom van Dalen, BIM modeler for HEK Installateurs, when he thinks of Autorouting is "Indispensable. We have recently started using Stabicad Autorouting, and we cannot imagine working without it now. Stabiplan arranged feedback sessions in which they really listened to what we had to say and our feedback. I'm very positive about Autorouting." Stabicad's Autorouting goes further than Revit's standard Autorouting functionality. For instance, Revit reverts to default settings when fittings are changed, and specific solutions are lost. Stabicad Autorouting prevents this and continues correctly with the specific content. Thus, it is no longer necessary to convert generic to specific. The installer can immediately order the necessary materials. The installer also benefits from Autorouting during the implementation phase.

MEPcontent is the expert in the creation, publishing, maintenance, and promotion of 3D content. Installers can quickly and easily download 3D content from manufacturers via the MEPcontent portal. The product lines from Autorouting manufacturers such as Eriks, Geberit, Georg Fischer, Viega, and Dyka are available to MEPcontent subscribers. MEPcontent subscription grants you unlimited access to all proprietary PLS (datasheets) on MEPcontent. In combination with Stabicad Autorouting, you can increase your productivity even more.

Correct article data
Stabicad Autorouting is powered by MEPcontent, so the content is provided with the correct dimensions and ordering information such as article number and GTIN. These article data are adjusted automatically both in the model and in the schedules when the installer modifies or calculates the system.

Always up-to-date
The installer can easily update fittings with the latest information if the manufacturer data is changed. This prevents the data from being obsolete, which otherwise could cause problems in the implementation stage. Even systems that have already been modeled can be easily updated with the latest information.

This allows modelers to benefit from Autorouting's speed and simultaneously advance during the implementation stage. A system that is modeled with manufacturer-specific Autorouting fittings, for example, is a good starting point for the prefab process. Ultimately, this means gaining an advantage for both the design department and the construction.

Your BIM tool
Discover the benefits of Stabicad Autorouting. We are ready to provide you with the right information and advice on the best BIM solution for your business. For more information, please contact us at info@mepcontent.nl


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Stabicad Autorouting is the new way to increase productivity.

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